Prosperity for every region, city, municipality, small business, entrepreneur, family and individual

Project Bossa is a startup that will bring prosperity to every region, city and village on the planet through dozens of apps and special algorithms. It will also provide economic activity recommendations for small businesses, entrepreneurs, families and individuals.

It's like modern agriculture, where for each plant the software measures exactly how much and what kind of nutrients, light, water it needs to thrive.

A prerequisite for a thriving economy is the flow of money into regions. An even greater challenge is to keep the money in the regions. With dollars and euros, you can't do it, but with digital currencies, it's very easy. But that is not enough. All economic processes need to be constantly examined, evaluated and solutions and recommendations proposed. This is the task of special algorithms.

If prosperity is achieved in one region, it can be achieved in the remaining 53,561 regions. Different strategies and ideas can be tried in the regions.

Today's market system is competition. Competition between firms, states, workers. The Project Bossa is based on cooperation. It is a network of regions where cooperation will work in dozens of areas. Between local governments, companies, schools and individual citizens.

Each region is different, at a different stage of development. Some will reach prosperity sooner, others later. Developed regions will be models for developing regions.


1. Eradication of poverty

2. Development of all regions of the world

3. Prosperity of all people

4. Unconditional income

5. 4-day working week and further reduction of working hours

6. Deepening democratic processes and expanding citizen decision-making. Streamlining of democratic processes where algorithms ensure more significant influence of experts in the relevant field. Full citizen control of decision-making systems.

7. Development of artistic, sporting, entertainment, creative, educational and other activities in the regions. Gradually reducing working hours will create demand for these activities.

8. Ecological focus. Local energy sources mean green energy. A 4-day work week means a significant reduction in transport. 3D printing means less transport of goods. Prosperity of all regions means less migration.

9. New job opportunities

10. The creation of new brands that will not have to face immediate global competition

11. New types of products

12. The possibility to offer goods in any city in the world

13. Tackling the negative effects of globalisation in less prosperous regions

14. Encouraging people to return to regions with smaller populations

15. Revitalising agriculture, fruit growing, gastronomy, crafts, food processing, alternative energies, light industry, transport in the regions...


1. Use of local resources. Local resources have always been labor, land, and the occasional factory. The new local resources will also be energy, robotics, automated systems, information.

2. Special internet platform. It will contain dozens of applications. It will allow collaboration, trading, fast distribution of information, easy search for information. With one click it will be possible to reach users in all countries of the world.

3. Digital currency for the 99%. The most important element of the project. People need a simple digital currency where goods will have a stable price and can be used to pay in a London pub and a small shop in the Peruvian Andes. It needs a digital currency that 6 billion people will use.

Regions with enough money prosper. With the departure of big companies, they decline. On the contrary, by investing, they revive. This principle works always and everywhere.

A few steps need to be taken.

- get money into all regions of the world. With dollars and euros, you can't do it, but with digital currencies, it's very easy

- to keep most of the money in the regions. Dollars won't hold in the regions, but most digital currencies will. If you know how to design digital currency properly

- to eliminate exchange rate fluctuations. A special pegging mechanism to the dollar and euro will help

- spur economic activity in the regions. Money should get it moving automatically.

But in addition, the Project Bossa also contains aids for entrepreneurs

- what and where to do business, how to do business, relieve them of many responsibilities.

- inspire confidence in digital currency. This is ensured by the special design of the digital currency.

- to simplify mining, storage and payments in digital currency. All this is included in the Project Bossa.

- it is enough if the Project Bossa will work in only one of the 53 562 districts of the world. Then it will quickly spread everywhere. Islands of prosperity will emerge, attracting people from poor areas and favelas. Gradually, there will be more and more islands.

Digital currency for the 99% will be one of the last applications. It will be gradually introduced in regions that meet the criteria of economic activity and interest of the population. Money without economic activity means inflation.

4. Project Bossa will provide large amounts of accurate data on the economic behavior of individuals and entities. It will enable new patterns to be found leading to prosperity and efficiency. It will show the extent to which local resources are being used in each region. It will allow comparisons between regions. Universities will get economic data (anonymised) for research. Until now it has been impossible to obtain.

5. Information systems that will take over many activities of entrepreneurs and firms. They will also provide up-to-date information on developments in the areas in which entrepreneurs operate.

6. Gradual introduction of robotics, 3D printing, automated systems, modular production in all regions.

7. School systems that will provide the most up-to-date scientific knowledge.


Collaboration with local and state governments will be greatly appreciated.

The market that dominates today's economic system is competition. There are always winners in competition, but many more losers. The way out is cooperation. Cooperation between smaller regions. Project Bossa contains mechanisms for regions to accept this model.

We are not against the market. The market is a natural and useful element. It will be a natural part of the project. However, it will not be its objective.

We are not fighting against anyone. Currencies like the dollar and the euro will remain. The digital currency for the 99% will serve as a complementary currency. Large companies will not be negatively affected by the project. On the contrary, it will open up huge new markets for them with an enriched population around the world.

Project Bossa will be built gradually but quickly. Individual modules and applications will be added gradually, and there will be dozens of them. It will take approximately one year to program the applications. Their content will be populated by individual users. Entry to the project will be free, as will a number of services. Some of the services for companies will be slightly chargeable.

The success of the project depends on whether an investor or investors can be found. Trusted investors. The preliminary estimated cost is USD 15 million, but it will be quickly recovered.

And of course people must be interested in the project. If enough people are interested in Project Bossa, investors will be found faster.


People who are interested in Project Bossa can already get in touch now.

So far, activist activity has mostly been directed against someone - polluters, corporations, politicians, banks... Activists are given a real alternative to promote something positive.

Project Bossa will be successful if it engages enough people.

We welcome it:

- signing up for the project ( - include name, country, region and email address, social media contacts. Name, country and region will be published on the website, email address and social media contacts only if agreed

- collecting information that will be useful for the project (e.g. websites with the latest technologies, latest economic initiatives ...)

- questions about the project

- adding your own ideas to Project Bossa

- disseminating information about the project among friends, colleagues, on social networks

- help with the project website

- contacting organisations that can collaborate with the project

- helping to find investors

For now this is volunteer work, but this may change later. The internet allows sympathizers in every corner of the planet to join.


1 year return on investment:

15,000,000 USD/ 200 states = 75,000 USD = 6,250 USD of sales in one state in 1 month. Average sales from one business €10. Need to have 625 customers in one state, 125,000 customers worldwide. Worldwide there are approximately 400 million companies and entrepreneurs. So it is necessary to get 0.03% of the market.

Return on investment 5 years:

Revenues at the level of $1,250 in one state in 1 month. Average revenue per entrepreneur €10. Need to have 125 regular customers in one state or 25,000 customers worldwide. This is a market share of 0.006%.

Author: Jozef Stasík








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